New Jersey Region Services

Motion Form -- a printable NJRSC Motion form is available here so that you can fill it out ahead of time.

Regional Delegate (RD) --

The Regional Delegate (RD) serves as the primary contact between Narcotics Anonymous World Services and the local NA community. The Delegate offers a local perspective to the work of World Services. During the Delegate’s two-year term, he or she attends the World Service Conference as a fully active participant. The delegate is elected by and accountable to the NJRSC.

Hospitals & Institutions Committee--

Meets on the 2nd Saturday of every even month (2021: April 10, June 12,
Aug 14, Oct 9, Dec 11; 2022: Feb 12, Apr 9)

Meeting is at 11 AM


Contact: NJRSC H&I Chair njrsc-hi@nanj.org

NJRSC H&I area subcommittee meeting information, and contacts.

Literature Review Committee--

NJRSC-LitRev - No current project

Public Information Committees-- Information about the Public Information Committee.

The NJ Regional PI Service Committee: Regional chair contact NJRSC-PI@nanj.org meeting TBA

We have two PSA Videos available here and here.

Insurance Committee--

NJRSC-Insurance Regional chair contact NJRSC-INSURANCE@nanj.org .
If your group needs proof of insurance, you can download, fill out and e-mail the Insurance Certificate Request Form .

If you are having an activity or event and need an insurance quote, please download, fill out and e-mail the Event Quote Request Form .

Archive Committee--( currently working as a state wide Shared Service )

The Committee's goal is to create a written documentation of the History of Narcotics Anonymous in the State of New Jersey. Individuals who got clean prior to 1987, or who have history information prior to 1987, are being sought to be interviewed by the interview committee. The Committee is also seeking individuals who would be interested in being part of the interview committee. No age or cleantime requirement is necessary.

Contact the committee, send an email to: history-archives@nanj.org